Building Posts
The Olsons’ Guide to Painting a Room


A major part of owning your first house is getting to choose the colors for every room.  To avoid making a mess of your house in the process, here is our simple guide: (more…)

DIY Bird Feeder Post

Are you tired of raccoons bending your store-bought shepherd hooks in half?  Here are easy instructions for building your own that can survive just about anything nature can throw at it. (more…)

Four Seasons Garden Bench

After you’ve finished building our DIY Garden Bench, you’ll need to weather-proof it. This painted design not only preserves the wood and keeps out the elements, it also brightens up the garden and never looks out of season! Winter is represented twice on our bench because we live in Wisconsin. (more…)

DIY Cheap Garden Bench

Now that summer is in full swing, there is the eternal question — where should I sit? If you have $20, you can build your own bench that’s sturdier than many of the benches you could buy at a big box store. (more…)

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