Crafting Posts
Halloween 2017:  Pumpkin Update!

This year we used three different tool sets to carve pumpkins:  A set of wood chisels, a Dremel tool, and an electric drill.  Here are this year’s three designs. (more…)

Last Minute Craft Fail:  Cobweb Blobs

This is probably the messiest craft we’ve ever done here at GRL.  Luckily, Halloween isn’t about perfection (unlike Christmas), so even the most fail-tastic, dilapidated looking things will enhance the spooky atmosphere. (more…)

Duct Tape Severed Hand

Here’s a project you can create in a day with just a roll of duct tape and some paint.  For best results, hide in a candy bowl, place in front of a gravestone, or hang as a kitchen decoration like some sort of cannibal chef. (more…)

Garbage Bag and Chicken Wire Grim Reaper

This Halloween prop is inexpensive to make, and is tall enough to loom over trick-or-treaters.  Lit with glowing tea-light eyes, this figure is especially frightening after dark. (more…)

Trashbag Phantom

Here’s a very fast and inexpensive Halloween decoration that you can hang from a tree. (more…)

Basic Bamboo Scarf

Bamboo yarn is relatively new on the market.  Since it’s from a plant fiber, it’s not terribly warm, but its smooth fibers have none of the irritating properties found in wool or acrylic yarns.  This makes it a great choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies. (more…)

Qiviut Organ Pipe Scarf

In the knitting community, qiviut yarn (that is, yarn spun from the underwool of an arctic muskox) is considered one of the finest luxury fibers.  It’s both warmer and softer than angora while still being very lightweight, and much easier to work with.  Be warned however:  The price tag on this is not for the faint of heart.  A single skein can set you back $100.


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