Garden Posts
Simple Graveyard Scene

This scene is easy to set up and looks perfectly ghastly in the dark.  It’s also an excuse to procrastinate on putting away your garden tools for the year. (more…)

Mady’s Guide to Hardy Roses

Last year’s winter was unusually harsh, and killed off large numbers of rosebushes.  Since the fall planting season is coming up soon, here is an overview of how to select a hardy rosebush and how to protect them from inclement weather. (more…)

August 2018: Holiday Overview

August is pretty light on holidays, so I’m just going to write about some crops that are coming into season this month: (more…)

Planter Topiaries

After the first frost, these topiaries are both welcoming decorations for holiday guests and protection for any dormant plants beneath. (more…)

How to Install a Gravel Garden Path

If you are planning a formal garden with dense plantings, a garden path is necessary to pass through it.  Here is how we installed ours. (more…)

Adam’s Guide to Removing an Ugly Bush

From the minute we moved into our house, I hated the juniper bushes on North side.  They were ugly, spiny, and sickly from crowding and shade.  If you have similar ugly bushes, here is how my husband got rid of ours. (more…)

Mady’s Guide to Growing your own Pumpkin Patch

Every year about this time, I spend too much money on pumpkins.  And gourds.  And oddly-shaped squash.  Eventually, my husband tells me that I am not allowed to buy any more (at this point, they are usually covering every table in the house).  This year, I decided to grow my own pumpkins in addition to buying a ridiculous amount from various places.  Because I have a problem. (more…)

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