Adam’s Guide to Removing an Ugly Bush

From the minute we moved into our house, I hated the juniper bushes on North side.  They were ugly, spiny, and sickly from crowding and shade.  If you have similar ugly bushes, here is how my husband got rid of ours.

  1. First, you need a tool. An axe or any kind of saw will do (Adam used a reciprocating saw).  Make sure to also wear safety goggles and gloves, especially when working with power tools.image
  2. Next, study the bush to find the bases of the branches. It is best to cut where the branches meet the trunk of the shrub, since hacking at the tops of dense shrubs is inefficient.image
  3. When you begin cutting, you will need to brace the shrub against the ground to prevent its springiness from absorbing the force of your tool. Adam did this by stepping on the shrub as he worked, but you could also try tying the shrub to a stationary object like a tree, a fence post, a weight, or another shrub.  The idea is to keep the shrub taught enough that it can’t bend away from your blade.image
  4. When it is cut down to the stump, you can either leave the stump or try to dig it out. However, since digging out a root system is difficult, we recommend leaving the stump. If it starts to grow back, you can simply cut it down again.  Eventually it will decay.image
  5. Check with your town to see when and how brush is collected.image

Happy Gardening!

Posted September 14th, 2016 by Admin
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3 Responses to “Adam’s Guide to Removing an Ugly Bush”

Don Dexter On September 14th, 2016

I’m glad the saw reciprocated!

Sue klock On September 15th, 2016

Good job! Looking forward to seeing you two this weekend.

Kitty On September 15th, 2016

It looks much better without the bush!

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