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Simple Oyster Stew

Here is an easy recipe for New Year’s Oyster stew to bring a little bit of luck.  This recipe makes enough stew to serve at least 4 people. (more…)

Shrimp and Zoodles in Lemon-Olive Oil Sauce

We’re on a bit of a zoodles kick over here!  This recipe is healthy and quick to make, and the use of fresh lemons and vegetables really makes it taste like summer! (more…)

Egg Soup

If you make this recipe with water instead of chicken stock, this soup is both faster and cheaper than chicken soup, while also being vegetarian.  I used chicken stock in this version, however, as I have not been able to convince my husband to eat a vegetarian meal ever since I tried to disguise tofu as General Tso’s Chicken. (more…)

Potato and Vegetable Soup

This recipe is loosely based on the potato soup served in Irish hotels during my high school orchestra trip, but with larger chunks of potato and vegetables because I am too lazy to grate and mash everything. (more…)

Beef and Potato Pie

Dead cow and fried potatoes are the way to win over any husband.  This recipe can also be wrapped in pie dough to make pasties, served as a beef hash for breakfast if you don’t have biscuits, or as a vegetable accompaniment to go with steak if you leave out the beef and biscuits. (more…)

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

These little sandwiches are a staple of church luncheons, picnics, and tea parties. (more…)

Chicken and Zoodles with Garlic Olive Oil

Do you love pasta, but want something a bit more nutritionally sound?  This recipe is low on calories and carbs, but high on flavor and vegetables. (more…)

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