Crafting Posts
Thanksgiving Cornucopia

The Cornucopia, or The Horn of Plenty, was adopted from Greek mythology for British harvest festivals and, later, our own Thanksgiving.  To build your own ancient symbol of abundance, follow our simple instructions. (more…)

Last Minute Halloween Decoration:  Skull Luminaries

Here’s a craft you can put together in only a few minutes that will add a little extra light to your display. (more…)

Last Minute Halloween Decoration:  How to Tie a Noose

Here’s an easy decoration you can make in under 5 minutes that requires only two things:  A rope and a place to hang it. (more…)

Easy Halloween Scarecrow

I’ve always wanted one of those life-sized monster figures.  Unfortunately, those things usually cost a ridiculous amount of money.  This year, Adam and I have built our own monster for a fraction of the cost. (more…)

Simple Tulle Ghost

Here’s a simple Halloween decoration that anyone can put together in an afternoon.  This project is so cheap and easy, you can probably do several in a weekend for a thoroughly haunted yard. (more…)

Make your Own Severed Heads

In many cultures across the globe, headhunting has been a well-loved tradition.  The following instructions make heads similar to those collected by my Celtic ancestors, but you can easily adapt them to look like the heads your ancestors collected as well. (more…)

Mady’s Guide to Displaying a Collection

Over the years I have accumulated a pretty large collection of fossils and minerals, and this year I have finally taken the time to sort, label, and properly display the nicer pieces.  If you have a similar large collection, here is how to transform it from a messy hoard to a museum-quality display. (more…)

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