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October 2017 Holiday Overview

Aside from Halloween, October also has a lot of other holidays!  Here is a list of upcoming holidays and observances, so that you may celebrate as many as you please. (more…)

September 2017: Getting Ready for Autumn

Today marks the official start of Autumn.  As such, here are some things to remember as we transition into the next season: (more…)

August 2017 Holidays and Events

Hey All!  This month I’m trying something a little different and posting a monthly holiday and event overview at the beginning of the month rather than going holiday-by-holiday throughout the month. (more…)

New Year’s Eve 2016: Simple Ways to Celebrate

In the United States, nearly every region has its lucky foods associated with the New Year.  Here is our list of favorite foods guaranteed to bring good fortune in the coming year. (more…)

Christmas 2016: 12 Days of Celebration

This year, we at GRL didn’t quite have our act together enough to post a Christmas article on the 24th.  Lucky for us, in many countries the party doesn’t stop until January 6th (or sometimes even later).  For those of you who aren’t ready for Christmas to be over, yet, here are 5 countries that continue the celebration into January. (more…)

Hanukkah 2016:  Simple Ways to Celebrate

Hanukkah is an 8-night long holiday filled with good food and celebration.  Seeing as tonight is the fifth night, here is our list of some of our favorite Hanukkah dishes with some basic cooking instructions. (more…)

Charity Spotlight 2016: Twin Cities PADS

This year for our charity spotlight, we asked Adam’s grandmother about her and her husband’s volunteer work with Twin Cities PADS (Public Access to Deliver Shelters).  Public Access to Deliver Shelters are organizations that work with the homeless to provide meals, shelter, and access to affordable housing.  (more…)

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