Fall Reminders for September 2018

With fall on the way (starting September 22nd), here are ways to prepare for first frosts, flu season, and more!

  1. The best time to visit an apple orchard is10385464_10207700383328277_6156223616507492067_n between now and the second weekend of October. For more information about planning a visit to an orchard, see our article here.
  2. Halloween pumpkins may be selected any time after October 1st, since a good pumpkin will keep for at least a month. If you are planning on visiting a pumpkin patch this year, see our article here.
  3. If you are planning on making your own decorations for the holidays, be sure that you have all your materials and plans well ahead of time to avoid last-minute crunches. Also, Halloween supplies tend to sell out early, so it is best to have all your materials, decorations, and costume pieces purchased by the second week of October for the best selection.  In recent years, post-Halloween sales have become few and far between, with many of the best items selling out well before the actual holiday.  Thanksgiving is even more extreme in this trend, and any decorations or craft materials for this holiday must be purchased almost a month ahead of time.  By the time Thanksgiving comes around, most fall decorations have vanished from stores and have been entirely replaced with Christmas items.
  4. Flu season typically begins in November. vaccination-2725065_640Since vaccines typically take at least two weeks to become effective, the ideal time to get a flu shot is before the second weekend of October.  If you have a history of pneumonia, serious respiratory infections, or a compromised immune system, consider also getting a pneumonia shot.
  5. Before flu season hits, remember to stock up on chicken soup, tissues, medicine, and any other non-perishable items you need to get through a cold. As miserable as catching the flu is by itself, having to drive to the store for another bottle cough syrup will only make it worse.
  6. With fall around the corner, it’s now time for gardeners to keep an eye on nighttime temperatures. Before the temperature dips below 32°F, you will need to harvest any unripe produce at full size (especially things like tomatoes and chili peppers) and place it in a warm, sunny window to ripen, or else lose it entirely.
  7. As fall continues, stop fertilizing and20575340-989D-4AE2-BFD4-FD802468C120 watering perennials, trees, and shrubs. This should discourage new growth from starting in colder months, which is easily damaged by frost.
  8. As dying foliage provides greater visibility, prune back hedges and trees. It is especially important to identify branches that, if broken or weighed down by snow, could damage a structure or powerline.  If any trees pose a risk to safety, it is best to get them trimmed before the snow begins to fall.
  9. Similarly, Autumn is also the time to take care of necessary car maintenance. The automotive inconveniences of summer, the balding tires, squeaky breaks, ancient battery, and various fluid leaks can turn disastrous or even deadly once the temperature dives and blizzards hit.  To avoid getting stranded in a snowdrift, make sure your car is up-to-date on maintenance and repairs before winter.

Happy Autumn!

Posted September 15th, 2018 by Admin
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