Holiday Overview for June 2018

Hey all!  It’s finally summer, so no more snow!  If you’re looking for an excuse to get out and enjoy the nice weather, here are some holidays you can use as an excuse!

June 8, Best Friends Day:  If you are lucky people-1749382_640enough to have a best friend, this is a good day to spend some time together.  It falls on a Friday this year, so you can stay out as late as you want!

June 11, Laylat al-Qadr:  This holiday celebrates the night the Quran was received by the Muslim people, and is the holiest night of their year.  This holiday is celebrated in prayer, religious services, and gifts to charity.

June 14, Flag Day:  This holiday celebratesflag-3354784_640 the official adoption of America’s stars and stripes, and also marks a good day to start putting up Independence Day decorations.

Sunset June 14 to Sunset June 15, Eid-al-Fitr:  Following the end of Ramadan, Muslim families don their best clothes for a day of feasting and festivities.  After sundown on the final day of Ramadan, women decorate their hands with henna tattoos.  The following morning, sheer korma and other sweet foods are typically eaten for breakfast before attending morning prayer.  Families also decorate their homes and exchange gifts on this day.

June 17, Father’s Day:  If theretro-2761856_640 circumstances allow it, this is a good day to spend time with your dad.  If you’re not sure what to do for Father’s Day, I’ve found that cheesecake usually goes over well.

June 18, International Picnic Day:  Picnics first became popular following the French Revolution, when ordinary families could visit the royal gardens for the first time.  In the late 1800’s picnics became a way for families to shirk the strict sensibilities of the day, as it allowed people to wear comfortable clothing, eat simple foods with little preparation, and run around outside.  If it’s not raining, consider taking some sandwiches outdoors on your lunch break or after work.

June 19, Juneteenth:  This holiday celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the United States following the emancipation proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln.  Today this date is celebrated by concerts, art exhibits, and community festivals.

June 21, Summer Solstice:  The Summervw-camper-336606_640 Solstice is the official start of summer and the longest day of the year!  Many people use this as an excuse to go camping, go on vacation, hold a barbecue, or various other outdoor activities.  If you’re a gardener, make sure all your plants are in the ground this day so that you can enjoy them all summer long and get a decent harvest before we’re buried in snow again.

Happy Summer!

Posted June 5th, 2018 by Admin
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Don Dexter On June 7th, 2018

Looking forward to seeing you on Father’s Day!

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