Simple Graveyard Scene

This scene is easy to set up and looks perfectly ghastly in the dark.  It’s also an excuse to procrastinate on putting away your garden tools for the year.


  • The first thing a graveyard needs are tombstones, either homemade or purchased. Most store tombstones are foam, so make sure these are secured to the ground or wall to prevent them from blowing over.  Generally homemade tombstones are of better quality, as they can be made of painted wood and are easier to secure and harder to damage.  For our homemade tombstone instructions, check out our article here.B15525D7-B8D8-46FE-B5DE-E960E71CAF17
  • Next to the tombstones, I like to stick a shovel in the ground and lean it against the house. I typically use a spade for this, but any type of metal and wood garden or landscaping shovel will do.891AE85D-6E9B-4F0E-8E56-454D3EE667C0
  • My favorite part of this year’s graveyard display is the wheelbarrow full of bones. To pull this off, first fill a wheelbarrow with random plastic bones.  Next, pour dirt over all the bones.  Arrange the bones in the dirt so that some are on top and others are partially covered to make it look as if they were dug out of the ground.  This part of the display looks especially grim at night, when a nearby porchlight will cause the bones to practically gleam.EB160E3F-0C3B-4300-AC9F-71F902F60BD5

Happy Halloween!

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by Admin
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